Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Take Four Tips from Trump

Donald Trump is not your typical politician. But his C.A.R.U. is worth a billion dollars to any apprentice presenter. I’m not talking politics. When I see Trump on television I am looking at his communications style—it’s unique, clearly defined and overflowing with four gems less polished speakers should steal.

My daughter says, “Mom, you love a good acronym!” She’s right. There are three things I just can’t walk away from—cookies, chocolate and acronyms! That’s why I have cooked up this acronym for Trump’s stump speech style, “C.A.R.U.”

1. CONVERSATIONAL – Actually, Trump is a master of the three C’s (confident body language, conversational delivery and comfortable stage presence). He walks on a stage like he owns it. He has a face-to-face conversation with his audience (he rarely speaks from notes). And he’s just as comfortable talking to one reporter as he is a crowd of hundreds. Tip #1: You can captivate any audience if you are confident, conversational and comfortable on stage.

2. ANIMATED – Trump doesn’t use a lot of gestures, but when he does, they are powerful. He has even impersonated fellow politicians, to get some laughs. Trump does a mean Bernie Sanders (Democratic presidential candidate) losing control of his crowd to two women hecklers and a spot-on Marco Rubio (GOP presidential challenger) reaching for a water bottle during a speech. Tip #2: You can use your face and body to keep your audience engaged and amused. Remember, everyone loves to laugh!

3. REPETITIVE – Trump uses the power of repetition well. Even toddlers know that he only wants to “Make America Great Again”! Tip #3: When your audience can repeat your catchy slogan, you know you’ve made your point!

4. UNIQUE – Trump’s unmistakable style starts with his face—he rarely smiles. He likes to pout and comb his hair in that signature front-side flip. My advice is simple: bring your personality, sense of humor and special style to your next presentation. For example, I never step on stage without a nearby prop, a few laugh lines and my short Afro. Tip #4: You don’t have to be perfect—just authentic—to connect with your audience.

No, I will not be voting for Donald Trump (I’m ready for Hillary). But he is a speaking coach’s best friend. Trump has a lot to offer speakers still looking for a unique presentation style. Thanks, Donald. Your C.A.R.U. is worth a billion dollars to any apprentice presenter!

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